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Our Products

Every product we sell and service has a proven, field-tested track record of precision, durability and most of all longevity.
Whether you’re looking for parts or complete turnkey solutions, Ferro Environmental can source it, design it, install it and maintain it,
all so you can focus on what matters most – getting down to business.

Exclusive Partner


Ferro Environmental is proud to have an exclusive partnership with Teledyne API for over 25 years. Teledyne API offers a broad range of gas analyzers, monitors, and process control instruments and is considered a global leader in Ambient Air Quality Monitoring applications and Continuous Emissions Monitors. Teledyne API is also an industry leader for the measurement of particulate monitoring in a variety of industrial applications.

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Other Product Offerings

As a full-service provider, Ferro Environmental offers complimentary products to complete the sales and service offering for your monitoring needs.

With a factory trained technician, Ferro Environmental offers full audit and calibration services for your  BAM1020 particulate monitors. With an inventory of parts and our services we can ensure your particulate monitor is reliable and operating within regulatory requirements.

M&C Tech group is known for providing the industry with high-quality sample probes, sample conditioning systems, dilution systems and many other exceptional products for CEM measurement applications.

VICI Metronics, Inc is the industry leading manufacturer of permeation tubes. Ferro Environmental provides permeation devices of various ranges for your analyzer needs.